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Lyme Disease

In 2006, I learned that I had late stage Lyme Disease Complex. This explained many otherwise poorly diagnosed symptoms I’d had since the early ‘90s. It’s been a tough fight and steep learning experience. I live in a Lyme endemic area of northern California and in the fall of 2009 wrote the following articles that were printed in a health edition run of the local newspaper, The Willits News. Although many people in our area have late stage Lyme disease, I’ve been impressed with how little most folks who do not have the disease know about it. This includes many of the local physicians.

1.   Local Lyme disease: an introduction

2.   The Lyme disease bacterium –
      nothing is simple

3.   Problems with treatment of Lyme

4.   Phenomenal complexity

5.   Expertise

6.   Update - The Corner Turned

7.   And Then Things Changed

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