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The following testimonials are provided to help give you a sense of who I am. These are the words of folks I’ve helped both through coaching and through the counseling I did before coaching was a defined and recognized realm.

In my almost 50 years, I have been through countless therapy sessions with probably about 5 different counseling professionals, all ages, backgrounds and genders. It wasn’t until I found Dr. Sterngold, that I found out what therapy could really mean. His life coaching approach is meaningful, relevant and comfortable.

He comes across as a friend who has either seen or shared the same experience that I have. After hearing my stories, he always comes back with a reflection that is on target. He will rephrase or open up what I just said with words that have true meaning. I find myself hanging on to what he says for weeks afterword, applying new principles and thought patterns immediately. Consequently, I never attend a “Jon” discussion without a pen and paper.

Some professionals in therapy are fully well meaning and technically proficient, but they always seemed to slide past, or fall short of being fully relevant to my situation. With Dr. Sterngold, it seems he has an interesting suggestion completely synchronized to what I am thinking or feeling. He is so well read and has studied so many qualified authorities. He always has book suggestions, many of which I have found to be directly applicable, and ones that I will take with me the rest of my life.

Comfort in therapy has always been an issue with me. Either I was judging the therapist, or I felt they were judging me. This is a distraction and takes away from realizing any value. From the very first dialog I had with this life coach, I felt a sense of comfort that I could say or reveal anything about me. It could be my marital relationship, my career, or my deep, dark family past, whatever the life aspect, Dr. Sterngold has never made me feel “edgy.” I can concentrate entirely on our exchange, deliver my thoughts with ease and hear what he has to say.

A. D.

There are certain individuals on Earth whose role is that of guide, samaritan, hierophant, and sage. Jon Sterngold is simply that, in the natural way of one born to his destiny. Through the dark night of my soul in the wake of losing my deeply beloved life partner and soul mate, Jon appeared with a beacon to guide me through the depths. He listens and absorbs your thoughts and feelings with every aspect of his being, he strategizes for healing with every layer of his consciousness, and he advises for growth with purest integrity and heart-centered focus. His backgrounds in medicine, science, the arts, metaphysics, and therapy combine to provide him and all of his fortunate clients with a comprehensive path for healing, empowerment, and rebirth.

I remain eternally grateful to have been the recipient of Jon's cogent and caring guidance on my path. You will too.

T. O., Opera Singer, Project Director, Real Estate Investor

A Fearless Witness of Your Humanity...

Jon is one of those rare individuals able to stand grounded in the world of logic, science and that place folks refer to as "the real world" while diving deeply into the real stuff of life...the stuff of the heart, spirit and essential humanity. A willing companion on life's journey, Jon promises to pack his honesty, careful reflection, discernment and courage to ask the tough question in his duffle bag as you prepare for your coaching journey. He is unpretentious in his approach, unlikely to use his degrees and vast life experience as trump cards to override your own experience and internal wisdom, although he willingly shares his knowledge and delights in opportunities to help others benefit from his own learning curves. Unafraid to bring himself fully to the table, Jon will grant you the full benefit of the experience of being coached/supported/ guided in the most profound sense of the word. If you really want to travel where it matters to go, call him.

L. Y., Psychologist, Life Coach, Writer

Jon is a very warm, and caring person. Although these adjectives may sound cliché, they are truly fitting. Jon has always been very generous with his time and availability. He's open minded and objective. He has been a true ally, working on my behalf. Jon is not a pushover. If you are not doing your work, or meeting him halfway in your efforts, he will communicate this to you, which I respect. Jon has been open about sharing some of his own life experiences (both the good and bad), which I have found helpful. Knowing that someone else made some mistakes and was able to grow as a result helped me to feel that I am not alone and that I can make major changes if I continue to persevere. Jon is a very optimistic person. He communicates a sense of hope and strength that has inspired me to move forward and make many positive changes in my life. I am at the stage where I’m really reaping the rewards of our efforts together and I am profoundly grateful for his guidance in my life.

J. G., Psychologist and Guitarist

When I think about the value of working with Jon, I am very grateful. He helps me stay focused on the ‘little things’ of life that are the real rip offs if they just float around in my brain. I was afraid of being judged for needing help with such mundane matters and am so relieved that you’re so present and practical in your communication with me. No subject seems too unimportant to address. I am so thankful for his coaching.

S. M., Therapist

Jon Sterngold was recommended to me by my wife’s therapist along with two other coaches to work with me after I lost my teaching job. Jon was at the top of the list as someone who could listen and be thoughtful and helpful with his responses to a client’s needs. I called Jon with some trepidation, as I had never done this type of work before. I guess the fact that he played guitar in a band and was a member of my generation made it a little easier. After talking with Jon, I felt like I had found someone who could hear what I had to say and who could help me through this difficult change in my life. Through his recommendations and conversations I found myself able to handle the struggle I was going through. His support enabled me to see what I had perceived as a catastrophe in my life as a chance to learn how to grow stronger. I now believe I can handle this current difficult time and that I am prepared to deal with the crises that we all encounter in life.

A. M., Secondary School Technology and Arts Teacher

Being 54 and finding myself afraid, feeling lost, and uncertain about the choices I have made in my life, and where I am now because of those choices, was very disconcerting. Since beginning my life coaching with Jon, I have recaptured my ability to deal with the here and now. Jon has introduced me to new ways of dealing with the "gremlins" that sneak into my thinking from time to time. Thanks to Jon, I see Iife as a grand adventure that I can explore and live in the Now.

B. F., Contractor and Entrepreneur

It is very unusual for a man who has lived his life as I have to trust anyone. Jon has the distinction of being that person for me. We go way back – 1978, I think. When I was adrift, he listened. When I asked for advice he offered what he clearly described as his take on it and advised or didn't depending on my needs. We laughed, cried, moaned, bitched and accompanied each other on what the Grateful Dead described as a long strange trip. He is a professional physician and through it all remained true to who he is. I hope the same can be said of me. Listening. Just listening. Validating another's being - pain, joy, blahs, fear, love, strength and weakness. I have come to realize that is the greatest gift that we can give one another. He has provided that for me. He is truly my brother.

Q. K., Pastor, Drug and Alcohol Recovery Counseling

I have known Jon Sterngold for nearly 8 years now, and have had the fortune of his counsel, guidance and wisdom on countless occasions. I appreciate his ability to communicate with clarity and vision. I have found his advice empowering while giving me the tools to create positive changes in my life. He is very effective in motivating me to be my best. My husband and I have an ongoing code phrase we use when we’re stuck, need advice, or want a perspective we just don’t have. The code is “AJ”, and it stands for “ask Jon”. We’re profoundly grateful for his presence in our lives.

M. R., Domestic Engineer and Goddess

Jon and I have been friends, and used to be coworkers, for many years. I feel we "grew up together" in a matter of speaking. He has been there for me during many phases of my life, births, death, divorce, new loves, and new pains. He is always “THERE" and always right on. Jon listens when it’s the right time and speaks when it’s the right time. I don't know what I would of done without him on this past major journey that I am going on at this time in my life without Jon to guide, listen, and help. I honestly don't know where I would be right now. With him there to help it makes it seem so much easier. Thanks Jon!! I’m forever grateful.

D., Medical Clinic Nursing Assistant

My name is Jack Zucker. I'm a 45 year old Software Engineer and jazz guitarist. I met Jon in May, 2003. I consulted with him (via the guitar forum where we both hang out) regarding a neck injury I had had. By the time I spoke with Jon, I had seen three doctors, a chiropractor and a massage therapist, none of whom could give me any relief. The doctors had been telling me that my injury was arthritis. The pain was affecting my work, both as an engineer and as a guitarist. The pain was also affecting my personal life, relationships, etc.

Jon advised me of some treatment and philosophical options which I had not considered. Through his encouragement and advice, I sought out a neurosurgeon for another medical opinion. This surgeon had me undergo a series of tests that revealed multiple herniations, bone spurs, narrowing of the foraminal pathways, etc. I had my surgery in Oct 2003. It was a total success.

Throughout the months of pain and restriction of lifestyle, Jon has been very encouraging and enthusiastic with his advice and recommendations. I truly feel that had I not consulted with him, I would still be in agony, mentally and physically. I am now in great spirits and enjoying the full return of my previous lifestyle.

In another instance, I had bought a very expensive, hand-made guitar amplifier. This amp was advertised as being made the old fashioned way with good quality components and utilizing proper design techniques. I paid a small fortune for this product and was very disconcerted when the amp arrived with several electronic malfunctions. I consulted with Jon and he gave me some very good advice on how to approach the builder. Through Jon's advice, I worked out a plan to exchange the non-functioning product with another one.

When the second one arrived in equally bad shape, I again contacted the builder who was now telling me that he would refund the amplifier but that I would have to pay all shipping charges (4 ways) even though I had never received a properly functioning product. Again, I consulted with Jon who coached me on several strategies, one of which was eventually successful in getting me a complete refund, including shipping on this product.

Thanks Jon,

J. A. Z., Software Engineer, Jazz Guitarist and Author

Dr. Jon Sterngold has helped me in a way that we all wish true healers would. He listens carefully, taking in the person as a whole entity and not just somebody with a complaint that can be prescribed away with a magic pill so popular with medicine today. He has a way of combining the practice of psychology with medicine so he treats the whole person. He has the utmost respect for western medicine and thorough knowledge of it along with the full capacity and understanding that many of our problems are created and manifested in physical ailments that respond not only to the wonders of modern medicine, but he also has the wonderful ability to lead us to the understanding that by altering our life styles and activities we can often cure ourselves.

Jon has had a huge positive impact on my life for which I will be forever grateful. He is a true healer of the body and the soul. These healers are far and few between. Thank you Doctor Jon for being who you are and being accessible when I needed it the most.

Many thanks and much love,

D. L. G., Musician, Sound Engineer

It is so appropriate for Jon Sterngold to become a Life Path Guide, because Jon is a "natural."

Like the true physician he is, Jon is greatly intuitive - with an inherent feel for what is happening in a person's life and an ability to match a person's deepest needs with their native talents. Like the gifted musician he is, Jon is an artist - composing his suggestions for his clients with grace, beauty, and respect for the rhythm and flow of life.

I know this firsthand, because, after listening to where I was in my medical career, and how I was in need of a change of direction to help me professionally and financially, Jon looked me squarely in the eye and said "Michael, you should learn how to do..." and named a therapeutic procedure with which he was familiar and for which he thought I was particularly well-suited. Was he ever right! Shortly after his suggestion, I took a course in the technique, have become proficient in it, and now my patients (and my bottom line) are benefitting greatly.

In one flash of insight - delivered forcefully, but with loving respect - Jon saw my needs and sent me in a direction that has markedly enriched my life and professional career. I can endorse Jon Sterngold as a Life Path Guide without reservation. As I said, he's a natural - and I shall always be grateful!

M. K., M.D., Maui, Hawaii

From my first meeting to the latest looking for assistance through my walk in life, Dr. Jon Sterngold was my life path correction. I was looking for answers I just could not see through my forest of problems. He led me on a path to clarity, resolution, and peace in my situations. Daily I think of our discussions that put me on track. Jon will always be in my walk in life. Thank you Jon.

R. M., Musician, Systems Engineer

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